How to get blog post ideas? One of the biggest problem for a blogger. Coming up with good topics for your blog posts can be a struggle, especially after you have been blogging for a while. When I get inspired, blogging is easy for me. When I have to sit down and write like it’s homework because I need to publish two posts one week, I often sit there staring at my keyboard drawing a complete blank as to what would make a good topic for a post.


When most people find themselves in this situation, they turn to Google to find blog post ideas. I haven’t found that to be an effective way to come up with new topics. Most of what I find either gives me ideas on types of posts to write – like reviews, technologies, interviews, comparisons, etc. – or influencing titles like X Reasons You Should Never X. That doesn’t help me formulate ideas for new blog posts.


I need ways to find specific content ideas (blog post ideas) and blog topics that the audience on whatever site I am writing for would find useful. There are two basic types of content: the content you want to write, and the content people want to find.

1. Trending Topics on Social Networking Site

When it comes to blog topic ideas, many people overlook one of the most popular social networking sites. Twitter is a great platform for zealing out the blogging passion and its greatness doesn’t end on “just tweeting “. There’s a great treasure hidden in twitter for the bloggers – The Treasure of Blog Topic Ideas .

The #tags are inserted by twitter users with respect to their tweet. If a twitter user tweets about automobiles, he uses the suitable Twitter hashtag preferring the one which is more popular and trending. Go through the trending hashtags on twitter and note down the ones which are related to your niche.  But that’s not it analyse what people are tweeting about the hashtag suiting the niche. know their problem, start searching and answer it .

2. Alltop

A tool that you can use for selecting great blog topics is Alltop. Alltop was co-founded by legendary business advisor and author Guy Kawasaki, and as stated on the Alltop site, their goal is to help answer the question “What’s happening?” in topics that may be of interest to you.

Instead of going to all the work of finding trending articles yourself, Alltop does it for you. If you don’t come up with some super awesome topics based off of 30 trending articles, then there’s something wrong with you.




3. Google Trends

Google Trends is very useful for identifying blog topics and question answers. As we are also busy in experimenting with snippets on questions. Any thoughts on a country-specific answer for country-specific searches or do you think it’s always the best global result that’s delivered? My answer is big “YES”.


4. BuzzSumo

If you’re looking for a good way to create high-converting content, you need to seriously consider BuzzSumo. This Web application claims to let you analyze the best-performing content for any niche.


A BuzzSumo topic search usually returns content in different categories (currently articles, infographics, guest posts, giveaways, interviews and videos) within the past year. For each piece of content, you can see the domain, author, publication date and article type and many more functions in this website for blog content.

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