Hurrayyyy….!!!! Apple Iphone 11 is now Launched.

Iphone cuts its price of older models. After releasing its brand new models i.e., Apple Iphone 11, Iphone 11 Pro, Iphone 11 pro max.

This is very shocking news for all Iphone lover. Its first time in history that Apple cuts its price and make provide Iphone at very cheap rate after launching Apple Iphone 11.

All the latest models are very rich in its specification. The lowest price of new model is 64,900 INR (Apple IPhone 11) then Apple IPhone 11 Pro available at 99,900 INR and Apple IPhone 11 PRO MAX is available at  1,09,900 INR.

All the above pricing details belongs to 64gb varient models only for Apple Iphone 11, Apple Iphone 11 Pro, Apple Iphone 11 pro max.

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Lets have a look of pricing details of its old models –

–> iPhone XR 64GB – Rs 49,900
–> iPhone XR 128GB – Rs 54,900

–> iPhone XS 64GB – Rs 89,900
–> iPhone XS 256GB – Rs 1,03,900

–> iPhone X 64GB – Rs 91,900
–> iPhone X 256GB – Rs 1,06,900

–> iPhone 8 64GB – Rs 39,900
–> iPhone 8 128GB – Rs 44,900

–> iPhone 8 Plus 64GB – Rs 49,900
–> iPhone 8 Plus 128GB – Rs 54,900

–> iPhone 7 Plus 32GB – Rs 37,900
–> iPhone 7 Plus 128GB – Rs 42,900

–> iPhone 7 32GB – Rs 29,900
–> iPhone 7 128GB – Rs 34,900

You can see the availability date of new models in Apple’s official website (i.e,  27 Sep, 2019)

Here are the complete price details of each models (Apple Iphone 11) that launched on 10th september 2019

–> Apple iPhone 11 64GB – Rs 64,900
–> Apple iPhone 11 128GB – Rs 69,900
–> Apple iPhone 11 256GB – Rs 79,900

–> Apple iPhone 11 Pro 64GB – Rs 99,900
–> Apple iPhone 11 Pro 256GB – Rs 1,13,900
–> Apple iPhone 11 Pro 512GB – Rs 1,31,900

–> Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 64GB – Rs 1,09,900
–> Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB – Rs 1,23,900
–> Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB – Rs 1,41,900


“2019 iPhone Renders (UPDATED)” by Daniel Rivas is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Apple Iphone 11

Fig. Image of Apple Iphone 11

From above all models, the lowest price is 64,900 INR of Apple Iphone 11 and it is very good phone for apple lover who want to use for normal use. One of the key feature in all new model of IPhone 11 series is that , its camera quality. Now it comes with night mode that becomes now competitor of Google Pixel and apple’s IPhone 11 series models are more reliable in terms of water resistence as its previous models that is also one of the best feature that Apple work. Its wireless charging is really incredible.

The most affordable among all three models also contain dual sim functionality, it means now you can use your eSim in latest Apple Iphone 11. One sim for pressional or official use and another sim is for personal use. This made my day when I saw in Apple’s official website. Because no one want to carry more than one phone now a days when you have very highly configured device. Another awesome feature of latest Apple IPhone 11 is its battery backup, “iPhone 11 packs one hour longer than the iPhoneXR.” written in Apple’s official website . It means that you’ll get up to 17 hours of video, 10 hours of streaming video, and 65 hours of audio.

I hope you like this post about Apple Iphone 11 release. I personally think It may be possible that Apple IPhone 11 is going to be the top most selling flagship mobile phone of 2019.

What is your prediction about top most selling mobile phones in 2019, please comment below and also comment which feature you like most in this new models of Apple iPhone 11.

Post your comments about new IPhone 11 and all its models.

Waiting for your comments….!!!!!!!!

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