How to setup Burp Suite

Hello Friends,

Welcome back to another tutorial of website penetration testing. In this post you learn the basic fundamental of burp suite.


Burp Suite is a Java application and is distributed as a standalone Java executable file, with the .JAR extension. You can download Burp Suite Free Edition from the website.

For Full Version licensed upto year “2099” . Click here

Follow these steps to setup burp suite –

  • To run burp suite you must install java on your operating system.
  • Open terminal(linux user) or command prompt(windows user) and navigate to burp suite directory.
  • Type the following command to run burp suite :

java -jar  /path/to/burp.jar

  • Once the application is launched then open your mozilla firefox browser to configure it for burp suite.
    • Go to the Firefox menu,
    • click on Options, click on Advanced,
    • go to the Network tab, and click on the Settings button in the Connection section.
    • Select the “Manual proxy configuration” radio button.
    • Enter your Burp Proxy listener address in the “HTTP proxy” field (by default,
    • Enter your Burp Proxy listener port in the “Port” field (by default, 8080).
    • Make sure the “Use this proxy server for all protocols” box is checked.
    • Delete anything that appears in the “No proxy for” field.
    • Then click “OK” to close all of the options dialogs.