The World’s First Wireless VR Vest & VR Gun

Time to hang up those little thumb joysticks and experience real motion control in virtual reality!

Experience how the BluAtomVR Motion Vest controls your movements, just lean or turn in any direction to move! Then pull out your BluAtomVR Gun to lay waste to the opposition with amazing accuracy.

BluAtom Team: We Are Pushing The Limits Of VR Wearable Technology

From official website:- “In the heart of Orange County, California, the BluAtomVR development team is a unique blend of software and hardware engineers, Industrial designers, artists, user experience designers, game developers and scientists. Our team lives at the intersection of hard science and cutting edge design.

We are all gamers at heart — and we are building the next generation of wearable motion controllers for games, experiences, and enterprise.”

vr wearable vest


Use this with:

  • Shooters like Call of Duty™ and Resident Evil™
  • Combat games like Overwatch™
  • Action Games like War Thunder™
  • Racing games like Driveclub VR™
  • Mech- Combat games like RIGS™
  • ANY Virtual Reality Game!

BluAtom VR vest and VR gun are compatible with your existing headset.

  • Oculus Rift
  • Sony Playstation® VR


BluAtom VR Gun

Crush the enemy with style.

Completely wireless freedom of movement.

Unrivaled accuracy.