My Name is Devendra Ausar, and I am Cyber Security Expert

I got computer when I was in class 5th. Then I start learning DOS,MS Office, MS Paint. When I was in class 9th, BSNL broadband setup in my home. I start learning website surfing, wallpaper and MP3 songs downloading and lots of funny stuff. After 6-7 month I start making virtual friends in ORKUT. This website change me alot. Now I was not a cute little small boy, because this website makes me extra ordinary when I make friends who are Web Developers, Ethical Hackers, and Gamers. I was in class 10th when I start make my first static website. Then I setup my own blogs and lots of forums related to hacking and designing. Because I learn Photoshop and coral draw also for web designing at home only with my virtual friends. I hacked lots of orkut accounts for practice and didn't harm any of them. Because at that time I was trying to hack for practice only. My orkut friends also tell me about cyber laws so I never involve in any type of illegal activities. When I was in first year of my graduation, I start teaching programming and MS-Office . I give training to lots of Govt departments in AISECT and other Computer Institute. Then I start working in freelancing website and develop some webpages for online clients,design graphics & logos also and start earning.

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Providing training of different programming platform with live projects. Training on Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security also provided. Develop your skill on SEO and Digital Marketing as well as Wordpress and different CMS platforms.

Secure Coding

As I have good experinced in development, so that I know secure coding in many programing platforms like PHP , Android , Wordpress, and different frameworks. It is very important for any organisation to hire a developer who know secure coding so their personal stuff will be safe from hackers.

Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assesment

Nowadays many CMS and eCommerce platforms are available in market at very cheap rate. Companies used to develop their website using this applications. If any bug found in one application, almost all the websites developed with that application is vulnerable. So, there are lots of bugs exist in websites of big organisations. It is our duty to find the bug and patch them as soon as possible before any hacker deface the website and ruin the business



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